So, you are looking for a job and need to enlist the services of a good recruiter. Buuuuut, you don’t really know any and are wondering how to stand out from the crowd and get a good recruiter’s attention.

It’s a good idea to think through your approach.  Recruiters are flooded daily with resumes and inquiries from individuals like yourself, after all. So, what can you do to stand out from among the crowd? Here are some tips that will help improve your chances.

  1. Do your research. Find 2 or 3 agencies with good reputations who can best help you. Consider your industry and skill set when picking a firm.
  2. Get to know a recruiter at that agency. Although you should definitely apply according to the web site instructions, it is also wise to reach out to one specific recruiter at that agency. Try to figure out the recruiter that is best suited to help you and email them directly.
  3. Keep your email, and resume, succinct. Recruiters get dozens, and sometimes even hundreds, of resumes and emails a day. It is unlikely they will have time to read through a very long email.
  4. The same applies for phone calls. If you need to, practice how to succinctly describe your work history and accomplishments.
  5. Apply only to jobs for which you are qualified – this establishes your credibility.
  6. Keep the long view and develop a relationship with your recruiter. Timing is everything. Your recruiter might not have the right job for you at the moment, but the perfect job might come across their desk in a day, or in a year. If you have a good relationship with them, they will remember and reach back out to you.
  7. Follow up, but not too much. Depending on circumstances, one or two emails / phone calls is sufficient to follow up, even if you don’t hear anything back. Yes, your recruiter should respond, however, you never know what is going on with them – they could have a huge project, or a family crisis, etc.
  8. This might seem obvious, but not everyone does it – be nice, appreciative, and respectful. Thank them for their time.


Alternatively, there are some things you should avoid doing:

  1. More is not always better. Do not contact all recruiters or employees at a specific agency, and/or apply to every job they have. This just creates confusion and annoyance on their end.
  2. The same applies to repeated calls or emails. While one or two follow ups is good, anything more than that can make you seem desperate. Further, your recruiter will not be more likely to reply positively to you simply because you’ve worn them down.
  3. Send a blank email with only a resume attached. It’s a bit rude, and it also comes across like a virus!
  4. Be dishonest. If you misrepresent your experience and are caught, it’s highly unlikely anyone from that agency will work with you ever again.
  5. Be rude or disrespectful.

That’s pretty much it! Following these guidelines will greatly improve your chances of getting, and keeping, a recruiter’s attention. In fact, these are good guidelines to follow for direct interactions with potential employers as well.

Best wishes in your search!

By Jennifer SalterJennifer (2)
Senior Recruiter, Sourcing Specialist

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