1. Give kudos. Implement a process that allows employees to nominate Tomboy Shoescoworkers for “kudos.”  By allowing your team to recognize excellence in others, it will inspire everyone to achieve more together and give the individual who went above and beyond deserved recognition.
  2. Make time for lunch. Budget both time and money to allow supervisors to take their direct reports to informal, casual lunches. This time shouldn’t be a reward for anything, but rather dedicated time for supervisors to connect with their employees and give employees dedicated facetime with their supervisors.
  3. When in doubt, retreat. Corporate retreats get a bad rep, but if done correctly they are an excellent opportunity to bring the workforce together outside the office and refocus and recharge. It doesn’t have to be an expensive or elaborate affair, an afternoon at the bowling alley once a quarter can do wonders to reinvigorate your workforce.
  4. Know your workforce. What are your key age demographics? An employee’s age can tell you a lot about what is important to them.  For example, millennials focus on a strong work life balance while seniors are concerned about stability and longevity.  Develop your customized strategy with your employees in mind.
  5. Transparency. Institute a mandatory companywide meeting schedule that allows everyone in the company to learn about successes and challenges in other departments. By making the challenges and success of your day-to-day business more transparent, you’ll foster teamwork and collaboration.  You might even find some synergies you didn’t know existed.
  6. Pride. Give your employees something to be proud of! Did you just finish a big project for a nursing home?  Institute a charitable hourly swap! For example, for every hour an employee volunteers at the nursing home, offer them an hour of PTO.


Whatever plan you implement for employee engagement, make sure it’s sustainable and you have buy in from key stakeholders.  You don’t want to roll out an engagement strategy, tell employees their boss is going to take them to lunch every once in a while and there will be quarterly outings only to fail to implement those strategies.  Talk about making a bad problem worse!

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