Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

The Client

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center (WFBMC) is an 885-bed fully integrated academic medical center and health system located in central North Carolina. The Medical Center consists of the clinical health system and tertiary hospitals, the school of medicine, a research enterprise, Piedmont Triad Research Park, and a network of affiliated community-based hospitals, physician practices and outpatient services.  With over 100 ambulatory clinics spread over a 45 mile radius, Wake Forest needed extensive resource planning, go-live and logistics coordination.  Additionally, as a best practice hospital, Wake Forest has some of the strictest employee health guidelines in the nation, including an extensive onboarding process all onsite resources were required to complete.


Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center partnered with Intellect Resources prior to go-live to develop a strategic plan that would result in physician adoption at both the main campus and ambulatory clinics without compromising the quality of the onboarding process.  Key components of this strategic solution included:

Resource and logistics planning.  By participating in the pre-implementation planning sessions, Intellect Resources had a clear understanding of exactly which units needed to be staffed and was able to develop an accurate head count and offer qualified resources that were highly experienced in the most needed Epic modules.  Additionally, Intellect Resources offered resources that were experienced in multiple modules, allowing the resource plan to adapt to the changing hospital needs while realizing substantial cost savings.

Early on-site presence.  An early onsite presence allowed Intellect Resources to achieve a thorough understanding of the WFBMC’s specific build and workflow.  As a result, Intellect Resources discovered that the WFBMC’s Epic Beacon module was vastly different from other health systems and would require creating a targeted Beacon training team that was familiar with the WFBMC’s specific build.  An early onsite presence also allowed Intellect Resources to properly understand and absorb the WFBMC culture and include it in onsite orientation for all support resources.

Onboarding.  As a high achieving, well organized and structured Best Practices health system, the WFBMC required an extensive and intensive onboarding process for all 300+ support resources.  In addition to requiring the standard litany of health screenings, the WFBMC also required some screenings be administered by a WFBMC personnel or vendor, hard copies of all relevant screening documents including a Mantoux skin test, MMR, tetanus, Varicella, Hep B immunization or declination, a 10 panel drug screen, a respirator fit test and a background check completed within 30 days of arriving onsite.  Utilizing cloud based collection and communication tools, Intellect Resources was able to collect, schedule and/or conduct all relevant health screenings without utilizing the WFBMC already understaffed onboarding department.

Help Desk.  Because a need for the Help Desk was outlined early during the resource and logistics planning, the Help Desk was integrated into the overall resource plan and manned by experienced at-the-elbow support (AES) resources that were able to be reallocated to the floor as needed.

Hiring event.  Due to the large number of ambulatory clinics, WFBMC required multiple AES resources at each clinic location but were concerned the solution might be cost prohibitive.  As a result, Intellect Resources offered a one-day hiring event designed to draw individuals with a high technical aptitude.  Over 100 individuals were hired in a single day and those individuals completed an Epic training course.  This rookie talent was teamed with experienced HIT professionals at ambulatory clinics resulting in an increased onsite training presence and higher adoption rates.  Additionally, Intellect Resources secured this local rookie talent at extremely economical rates and the WFBMC was able to realize a savings of over one million dollars including travel, consultant fees and other expenses.

Onsite communication.  With over 300 resources spread across 100 locations, effective communication with resources was integral to the success of the go-live.  As a result, Intellect Resources deployed two unique communications tools; a cloud based communication (CBC) software and a daily go-live newsletter.  The CBC software allowed Intellect Resources to upload important onboarding and travel documents to a central location, utilized a real-time messaging tools and project calendars all while creating a full audit trail. This solution also allowed consultants to upload and download time sensitive documents. A daily go-live newsletter rolled out important project updates, shared the days successes and challenges, outlined transportation schedules and onsite management and any key milestones.  Support resources and the WFBMC were encouraged to submit material for inclusion in the daily newsletter which fostered a strong sense of community in a project that was geographically spread.   Intellect Resources also utilized online Status Reports, which allowed resources to identify individuals and areas that were struggling and report success easily to onsite and corporate management.

Physician adoption.  The WFMBC has a reputation for innovation and was dedicated to furthering that reputation with high physician adoption rates within the first 30 days of go-live. As a solution, Intellect Resources provided Physician Personalization lab resources that assisted each physician with one-on-one training when configuring tools to his/her needs which directly resulted in decreased training time and higher adoption rates.   Additionally, Intellect Resources provided the WFBMC with experienced physicians as go-live support resources who could speak directly to how a physician benefits from utilizing CPOE.

Post go-live planning.  The WFMBC didn’t want to spend months fostering a nurturing training environment, only to scale resources back drastically post go-live and leave physicians feeling abandoned.   Intellect Resource was able to offer a tiered resources plan that replaced AES resources with Stabilization Teams, Concierge Support Services and a remote Help Desk.  Stabilizations Teams worked with specific units/departments to uncover any key issues and continue to offer additional support.  Concierge support services offered drop-in office hours for physicians who wanted to make an appointment for additional training, support, or personalization.  Finally, key members of the Help Desk team were transitioned to a remote work environment, a transition that saved the WFBMC tens of thousands of dollars in travel and travel related expenses without compromising support.



Intellect Resources offers a comprehensive suite of services that allowed us to work with one vendor for our pre-go live planning, resource planning, hiring event, training curriculum and materials, clinician engagement, help-desk management, logistics and go-live services.  By beginning our partnership early in the implementation process, Intellect Resources was able to draw upon their deep healthcare IT experience and anticipate problems, while simultaneously offering a variety of solutions and recommendations based on their experiences.  Intellect Resources conducted a comprehensive needs assessment where they discovered our specific needs and desired outcomes and were able to execute concept-to-creation solutions easily that were scalable to our changing needs and demands. Because they listened so carefully from the beginning, Intellect Resources was able to learn and embrace the WFBMC culture early in the process and integrate it into all phases of the training and support model, which resulted in higher adoption rates. A strong on-site presence by both corporate and consultant leadership, meant the Intellect Resources team was literally available morning, noon and night, which is integral to the success of any go-live, particularly one as far reaching as ours. Their accessibility and support of our culture are key factors in why we chose to retain Intellect Resources for future go-lives and ongoing healthcare IT consulting needs.

John McCullough
Associate VP, Clinical Applications
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center